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Have fun be safe and dress cruelty free…its sexy! #HappyFriday #AnimalFriendly #Fashion #xoxo

Have fun be safe and dress cruelty free…its sexy! #HappyFriday #AnimalFriendly #Fashion #xoxo

We came to WERK! Stop by booth 75351 and view our  amazing Fall 2013 collection. #Vegan #Handbags #WWDMAGIC

We came to WERK! Stop by booth 75351 and view our amazing Fall 2013 collection. #Vegan #Handbags #WWDMAGIC

We just LOVE Fridays! #danceparty

We just LOVE Fridays! #danceparty

We are headed to Vegas and we are totes taking Luxe with us! #girlsnightout #Vegan #Handbags

We are headed to Vegas and we are totes taking Luxe with us! #girlsnightout #Vegan #Handbags

Luxurious Vegan Handbags designed with love in Los Angeles.

Luxurious Vegan Handbags designed with love in Los Angeles.

Dame un beso

If there is one thing that I am loving right now it has to be bright lipsticks lipstains and lip glosses ! What a beautiful way to show your fun, sexy and wild side. The best part about these ultra lip colors are the fact that they act like an accessory to your wardrobe. At the moment I can’t get enough of my almost watermelon pink lip stain that lasts all day long. 


Tonight I am going to wear a lip color that is a sultry blend of hott red and orange with a low cut black maxi dress. I am so excited to use my new “Apricot Clutch” by Imoshion (  that will match perfectly with my dress and lip color. 


I have to be honest I got inspired to wear a hott red lip after looking at this clutch. Ugh the color is amazing and I can’t wait to take some summer photos with my hott clutch and my siren red/fuschia lips.

What is your favorite lip color ? Are you loving the NEON colored lips ? 

Seal It With a Kiss *

Scouring for jewelry at the antique market in Plaza Riel is my favorite “Sunday Funday” activity. Last weekend I was there on a specific mission to purchase rare and vintage records for my Dad and I am happy to report that I was successful. After my bartering skills and charm I was up 5 euro and very pleased with my self. So of course you know I took that 5 euro and went on the hunt for a vintage piece of jewelry.

The last few times that I frequented this lovely market I purchased vintage watch faces, antique rings, and random interchangeable straps for my watches. THIS TIME I was on the lookout for a piece that I could wear all summer and something that stood out! Just as I was about to give up I stumbled upon a table of rusty old keys, old lighters and champagne glasses …. I was drawn to the keys and found this ! 


A vintage fashion necklace from 30 years ago (thats what the man told me)


I was so excited that it was complete with the designers insignia and label intact


Close up of the signature branding 

So after looking at it in admiration for a long while. I picked it up and felt that surge of energy that hits a person when they get really excited about something … in my case it was because of this golden envelope. Usually when you shop at antique fair you are not supposed to show your love for the item because the seller will know that you can and will buy it for any price. Well this method went right out the window and I stated how much I loved it and asked how much. “Guapa para ti … cinco euro” (Beautiful for you 5 Euro) and I said SOLD ! 

Do you go to antique fairs, markets or secondhand stores? what have you purchased there? Share with us ! 

"Ombre Hair Colour ?"

Do blondes have more fun or girls with “Ombré Hair Colour” ?Have you heard about this?

I mentioned previously that I was living in Europe and well … I have been here for quite sometime now. I love it here and think everyday is wonderful, however unfortunately and I mean unfortunately for my hair  the up keep of my tresses have suffered immensely. I was a blonde bombshell (by the talents of my gifted hair stylist and bff ) and when I told her I was moving to Europe she suggested a “Brown Haired Beauty” and so I did. 

 Sooooo lets fast forward to NOW and half a year later I have roots down to my ears because my blonde highlights came through I have like this 2 colored hair colour. I decided that I was going to give in and get my hair touched up and say “adios” to my embarrassing roots.

"NO WAY" -"KEEP IT" "IT’S SO SO SEXY" is what I heard from my LA chicas. Umm what ? Turns out that this roots and old highlights look is the hottest hair style in Hollywood right now. To get this look woman have paid from $150-$250 to get this look !!! Can you believe that a women walk into a salon and say " Hi I would like you to give me roots" hahhaha this made me giggle . So as any girl will do (i think) I googled what they call ""Ombré Hair Colour " and this is what I found….. I WAS AMAZED. 

 Drew Berrymoore-

Camron Diaz -

I would love to hear what you think ! Please share with us if you LOVE or HATE this look. Submit a pix if you can <3 

I hold IT in my palms

Heading for the city lights is always an exciting adventure wether your town in big or small. What I love more then anything is anticipating what turn of events will occur that will leave me with great photos and memories. As any girl has done and will do is search for the perfect bag or clutch as your sidekick. Let’s face it, our beloved arm candy can hold our secrets, our identity, our wants and desires… and so much more. (whats in your clutch?)


The other night I was feeling edgy and girly. As of right now I am an American Girl living in Europe and the gothic alley lit by lanterns whisper my name. Lately I haven been obsessed with the “Iris” by Imoshion ! This bag is perfect for a night out and compliments every dress and flouncy top/ mini skirt combo. It has the perfect amount of attitude and vintage appeal. If you are lusting after it too you can get it here ! imoshion iris

Of course I answer and I find myself and my arm candy in a secret bar hidden in the walls of century old buildings. When this happens ( when I am in a new place) I pull my camera out of my bag to capture the essence of the night. I apply a bit of lip gloss and wink in the mirror just for kicks ;)


"I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.” - Madonna